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Millions of people with diabetes need to keep track of their blood glucose, nutrition, physical activity, and medication. Writing all this information to a logbook is really tedious, which is why many people fail to do it. We simplify the task of keeping a diabetes diary by importing the data from where it already exists, and visualizing it in a way that's meaningful for both diabetics and their healthcare personnel.

Living with diabetes, you know which tools best suit your individual life style. Our aim is to make your choices possible. You can select your favorite activity tracker, meal logging app, blood glucose meter, and insulin pump or a memory pen. We import the data and generate visualizations allowing you to see what effect different meals and exercise have on your blood glucose levels, so you know how to adjust your medication accordingly. You can also track your progress and see how exercise and dietary choices affect your weight.

We'll soon be launching our service in Finland, on top of Taltioni platform, and aim for an international launch in 2015. You can read more in

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