Sensotrend Connect

The best way to get diabetes data from one place to another is via a connection between cloud services.

Sensotrend Connect is a suite of products capable of transfering data from cloud services of medical device vendors to healthcare organizations.

Healthcare is being digitized

Healthcare organizations need to be able to target their resources to where they matter the most.

Here are the ones who are doing great. This group is not doing so great. This we already knew. However, now this data shows that there's a group of people who used to do really well, but who's treatment results are now starting to decline. This is where we should focus our efforts on.

Accurate and timely data from people with diabetes enables healthcare organizations to build and use tools that help identify which patients are successfully and happily independent with their treatment. Letting these people take the full benefits of digital tools is a win both for the organization and for the patients.

In order to get to this point, though, organizations need access to the patient generated health data. And not just to graphical representations suitable for people, rather the raw data, suitable for processing by algorithms.

Respecting privacy

Sensotrend Connect includes sophisticated tools for managing required consents and providing people with transparency over how their data is being used.

Sensotrend Connect can be configured to ask people to indicate their generic sharing preferences, and then to give their appropriate consents for each use case.
Sensotrend Connect offers people the tools they need to manage their consent and to see how their data has been used, by whom, for which purpose, and based on which consent.

Transparency is key in achieving the trust required for the data to flow. Another key component is giving people agency over how their data is used.

Sensotrend is a founding member of the MyData Global organization that advocates for human-centric data economy. Learn more...

Closed cloud services

Currently there are cloud services on the market from which the raw data is not available for healthcare organizations, or their terms may not be suitable for your organization. What can we do in this situation?

One way to solve this problem is to ask patients to download their data file from those services and upload it to your platform. That's far from an elegant and easy-to-use solution, but it can be used to work around current limitations, and also to demonstrate to cloud service vendors why there is a need for the data and how the limitations only make things harder for the patients.

If you need to ask your patients to transfer data files manually, it is important to also consider insentives for them to do so. There are many perks that can be offered for people using digital care paths.

Also with closed cloud services, Sensotrend Connect can be used as a certified medical device interpreting the data files transfered from the cloud services and transforming them in to a required harmonized format. Get in touch to learn more about this possibility!

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