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We specialize in diabetes data

We help people with diabetes see all their data in one place, and to make sense of that data.

We also help people share their data with healthcare professionals and peers, for clinical research, and for other purposes – on their own terms.

Sensotrend Connect

The best way to get diabetes data from one place to another is via a connection between cloud services.

Sensotrend Connect is a suite of products capable of transfering data from cloud services of medical device vendors to healthcare organizations.

Sensotrend automates the transfer of CGM data for our patients with gestational diabetes. This makes life easier for the patients, and also guarantees high quality and timely data for our research project.

Saila Koivusalo, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, M.D., PhD, Adjunct Professor, Development Manager, HUS Clever Health Network

Sensotrend Uploader

When no cloud connection is available, an app that reads the data from the device on demand is the next best thing.

Sensotrend uploader is an application that helps your computer talk with your devices and transfer all the data from the device to your healthcare provider.

Sensotrend provides us with the essential expertise in connecting data from medical devices of people with diabetes into our PHR system, and helps us integrate that information into the workflows of healthcare professionals.

Markus Gnägi, poolprax ag

Sensotrend Mobile Medtronic Uploader

A specific tool for people with Medtronic's pump system, Sensotrend Mobile Medtronic Uploader is an Android app that extracts the data from the pump system.

For people on the move, a mobile uploader is a convenient way of getting the data flowing.

We bridge citizen-centric innovation with healthcare processes

Healthcare is being transformed by digitization. One aspect of this is that people build and use devices for their own use.


The open source development community Nightscout, with its hashtag #WeAreNotWaiting, has created dozens of apps and devices that make life easier for people with diabetes and for their caregivers. Tens of thousands of people have benefited from the tools created by the Nightscout community, and the pay-it-forward mentality of the community is simply amazing!

With our CE marked medical device software, healthcare professionals can see data from apps and services built by the open source development community in a secure way.

Nightscout Connect EHR

Screen shot of Nightscout view in Cerner Millennium

Nightscout Connect EHR brings the Nightscout remote monitoring view and all of the informative reports of the patients' Nightscout installations on healthcare professional's desktop.

Many families visiting the HUS New Children’s Hospital use Nightscout systems. For HUS, having access to that data when required is an important safety factor. Sensotrend is an essential partner for us in our project where we build the required capabilities for that access, with a clearly defined process and respecting the patients' rights.

Nightscout Connect Kanta PHR

Nightscout Connect Kanta PHR simplifies the uptake of Nightscout apps by offering the Nightscout API on top of the Finnish PHR system. The service is live at (only in Finnish language at the moment).

You can find the source code and more documentation in GitHub.

The winning proposal is based on internationally validated needs of both citizens and healthcare professionals. The proposal is fresh and stands out from the competition.

We help make sense of diabetes trends

This is what we started with, and this remains our passion.

Once you get all the data in one place, what do you do with it?

We create visualizations that help you make sense out of those trends.

Sensotrend Dashboard

Sensotrend Dashboard visualizes data from various medical devices, according to formats recommended by international consensus statements, and enriching that information with data from wellness trackers.

Getting a CGM was ground breaking for my life with diabetes. These actionable visualizations have provided me with insights on the reasons behind the variations in my glucose levels and helped me to adjust my insulin dosing accordingly.

Mikael Rinnetmäki, founder of Sensotrend

It's your data

Data measured of you should be your data. We value your privacy, and we value your interests in utilizing the data in beneficial ways.

All of our products put people in control over how their data is used.

Want to know more?

We're a small team of enthusiastic people, all with a personal connection with type 1 diabetes, based in Tampere, Finland.

We also have a (Finnish speaking) co-creators group in Facebook. Join the discussion there, and be among the first to know about new features and beta testing opportunities!

For any wishes, concerns, or feedback, you can always reach out to us in Twitter or LinkedIn or by email to