Sensotrend Dashboard

Our visualizations help you make sense of all those trends.

All your data in one place

Sensotrend Dashboard brings all your data together, from glucometers and CGM's, from isulin pumps and pens with a memory function, from activity trackers, meal logging apps, and sleep monitors.

Sensotrend Dashboard is based on best practices like the Ambulatory Glucose Profile, enriching the visualizations with data from wellness trackers.

Want to see what caused that spike in your glucose levels two weeks ago? There's a good chance all the additional information will make you remember it.

Want to see how your glucoses have behaved during each soccer match or practice? We'll help you with that.

No manual entry

Unlike many diabetes diary apps, we don't ask you to write everything down. Rather, we fetch the data from where it is already available.

There's an app or a device for tracking almost any part of your life.

There are dozens and dozens of wellness trackers out there that make collecting data easy, sometimes even fun. There's a good chance you're already using some kind of a wearable or an app to track your activity, nutrition, or recovery. We connect with those apps and devices and use their data in our visualizations.

Sure, you may still need to start and end tracking an activity on your sports watch. Or you may need to take a picture with your meal logging app. But we don't ask you to copy that data manually from one place to another. In fact, our app does not have any user interface for entering data manually.

If you want to track data manually rather than with specific tracker devices, we recommend you use a separate app for that. There are many out there. Feel free to ask us for recommedations!

Actionable insights

Our first visualizations concentrate on the effects of nutrition and exercise.

The daily view reveals details of factors affecting glucose levels.

We're also creating actionable insights for sleep, stress, and menstrual cycles.

Coming soon!

We're currently working hard to get the first version of the Sensotrend Dashboard released. It will support Nightscout and Google Fit as primary data sources.

In the next phase, we are considering introducing the visualizations on the Tidepool platform, and get all wellness data from Apple Health included too.

If you want to participate in alpha or beta testing phases, let us know! A mail to introducing yourself will do!