...making sense of diabetes trends

Sensotrend is made for diabetics, by diabetics. Here are some ways you can help us make the service better and more widespread.

Want to contribute?

We appreciate your ideas!

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Send your feedback and proposals to info(a)sensotrend.com. We read all input we get and take all of it into account when planning our product roadmap.

Another way to help is to spread the word. Let your friends and relatives with possible connections to diabetes or interest in healthcare technology know about us! Share with them our web page address, let them know of our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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Feel like joining the team?

Would you like to work in a startup with one clear mission: improve the lives of people with diabetes?

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We're looking for programmers, testers, and technical writers to assist us in the implementation of our product. We're using Java EE for our back-end development, the front-end code base you should be able to figure out by looking at the source code of the example page. Think you'd be capable to give a hand? Contact us at info(a)sensotrend.com, explaining your area of expertise and interest, and we'll give you access to our repository in Github.

Did you find the above a bit gibberish? In addition to programming, we appreciate help in internationalization and localization. In other words, translating the user interface to other languages. The same here, if you would be interested, please let us know, and we'll surely find a way to work together.

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Would you like to be part of our business?

Oh, you’re an investor or an experienced business or financial guru?

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We are looking for nice people to work with, and yes, we are looking for funding as well. So far we have been funded by friends and family, added with grants from ELY-keskus and Tekes. Now we’re looking for additional funding, to finalize the product, make a commercial launch in Finland, and start globalising our business. In addition to money, we really appreciate expertise in business management and financing. This is a great phase to get involved in the business.

Interested? Please be in touch with Mikael by phone at +358 50 3855511 or by email at mikael(a)sensotrend.com. An investor deck is available upon request.

If you know someone else that might be interested in this opportunity, please send them the link to this page.

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